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Medical revitalization


Medical check-up
& analyses
Medical check-up & analyses:
Before undergoing any revitalization therapy, each patient is given a rigorous medical health check-up which includes a clinical examination.

In accord with the professional medical staff numerous tests are carried out such as blood and urine analyses, an electrocardiogram, a chest x-ray, etc.

Patients choosing the VIP procedure, will additionally benefit from major examination techniques such as; bone densitometry, spirometry (examination of the pulmonary function), abdominal ultrasonography, MRI (all these examinations to be determined with the doctor), as well as a high-tech analysis of the genetic profile.

DNA analysis (analysis of each patient’s genotype), and more specifically, the genetic variations that are clinically relevant, allow the medical staff to collect an important amount of valuable information concerning genetic predispositions to develop certain illnesses, some hormonal disorders, and some cancers (predictive medicine). This analysis of the genetic profile is given to VIP patients exclusively on their return for a second visit to the Swiss Riviera Medical Center SA. Those people will then benefit from a highly personalized prophylactic treatment.

VIP patients also receive information about their own genetic ability to metabolize drugs including precise knowledge of the efficacy of a medicated treatment, as well as the appropriate dosage of each kind of medication when applied.

A number of other genetic variations are also analyzed in order to assess:
  • The ability to counteract oxidative stress (involved in cellular aging).

  • The risks of cardio-vascular diseases (thrombosis, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia…).

  • The genetic risks of developing osteoporosis or hormonal disorders.

  • The possibilities of developing an intolerance to lactose or gluten.

  • The risks of glaucoma or AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

  • The genetic ability for sport.

  • Etc…
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